Hybrid technologies

The ILWT developed technologies of laser-arc welding of pipe steels, shipbuilding steels, high-strength steels for special purpose.

The advantages of hybrid laser-arc welding
The stability of the welding process at a high-speed of processing
Control structure and properties    of welded joints
Ensuring weldability of special steels and alloys
Reduction of welding deformation
The high quality of the welded joint
Improved efficiency of the welding process

Welding of steel a thickness up to 15 mm in a single pass
Welding of lightweight alloys to a thickness of 10 mm
Welding speed up to 3 m / min
The laser power up to 15 kW
The arc current up to 1500 A

Hybrid laser-arc welding of pipe steels
Laser-arc welding technologies provide equal strength of welded joints of pipe steel strength class X80-X100. Possibility of single-pass welding of metal thickness up to 15 mm allows reducing the beveling edges for welding longitudinal seams of pipes.

Hybrid laser-arc welding of shipbuilding steels
The high speed of welding and low welding deformation, and high level of automation, typical for laser-arc technology can significantly improve the productivity assembly and welding process and reduce costs for subsequent fixing of ship structures.The ILWT has developed technologies of laser-arc welding of typical elements of ship structures of different grades of steel and special alloys.